Magic Praxis
Episode 10: Susan Bee

Episode 10: Susan Bee

November 10, 2017

Susan Bee's paintings and collages have been described as "pastoral psychedelia," and "a savage mix of Expressionism and Pop schadenfreude." Born and raised in New York City by artist parents, Bee is a longtime supporter of feminist art and women artists. She spent her student days in the 1970s attending AIR Gallery events; she later joined the historic gallery and is currently a member. Bee is also a co-founder, with fellow artist and writer Mira Schor, of the influential art journal M/E/A/N/I/N/G (1986 - 2016). During our visit to her Cobble Hill, Brooklyn studio, Bee discussed the challenging realities of being a woman artist, the heady days of 1970s feminist activism, and her longtime involvement with the Language Poets, through her husband, Charles Bernstein.

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